About Us

Orion Associates provides management services for both related and unrelated companies including profit and non-profit organizations. We work primarily with companies that administer social services,  including those that serve people with disabilities, the elderly, and their families. Orion Associates has a unique philosophy of service reflected in our Vision and Mission and our Code of Ethics We are proud of our long history providing quality services for the past three decades.  Orion Associates has been recognized for its growth, commitment to a healthy workplace and commitment to volunteerism by many organizations and media including  Minnesota Business, Twin Cities Business Journal, INC Magazine, Forbes and others. Please visit here for a Company History of Orion Associates Orion Associates is led by a seasoned executive team with a unique combination of management, psychology and services experience. Learn more about our Leadership Team  

As a company that strives toward social justice for all people, we have a message to share with our stakeholders, employees, and our network in the Minnesota community and around the world:

We value and support the diversity of all individuals. We respect and welcome people of different ethnicities, ages, genders, religions, races, classes, physical abilities, mental abilities, nationalities, sexual preferences, and expressions.

We stand up to stereotyping and discrimination of individuals based on these traits. We seek to understand and learn from cultures that might be different from our own, and we encourage our communities to do the same.

We are grateful for the opportunities we've had to work closely with people from different backgrounds, and we are committed to being an organization in which all people feel safe, accepted and heard.