Orion Associates Code of Ethics

Our Advisory Board, Officers, Administrators, and Directors will provide leadership and direction which reflects the mission, vision, and philosophical beliefs of the organization.

Our consumers’ preferences and choices will determine the direction of their pursuits of meaningful life choices and desired outcomes.

Our services will be provided with a person-centered approach and according to the unique interests and aptitudes of the individuals being served.

Our services will be delivered in a manner which promotes the respect, dignity and rights of each individual.

We will assist individuals to achieve independent and integrated community options that are meaningful and provide personal growth opportunities.

Our services will facilitate the individuals’ ability to make informed decisions with regard to their choice of community living opportunities and will not be based on program convenience or availability.

Our services will assist individuals to obtain necessary accommodations which promote their potential for successful community living.

We will develop respectful partnerships with community members by exchanging education and resources that promote successful outcomes.

Our services will respect each individual’s right to confidentiality and will be provided in accordance with data privacy regulations.

Our services will be provided by trained and qualified staff utilizing the most current practices.

Our marketing efforts will be conducted in a professional manner that is honest, image enhancing and delivered with integrity.

Our financial planning and management will comply with best business practices and applicable legal requirements.

Our staff will refrain from providing services which presents a potential conflict of interest and that interfere with the ethical standards of our organization.

Our services will be provided to individuals without regard to race, age, religion, sex, disability, marital status, affectional preference, public assistance status, ex-offender status, or national origin.