Extended Alternative Intervention Strategies

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  •  December 10, 2014
     8:30 am - 2:00 pm

Intervening with individuals who are agitated can be troublesome and sometimes dangerous.  This session will explore different strategies to assist people with cognitive deficits in decreasing agitation and regaining emotional control.  The session will help participants understand:

  • The changes in agitation level during the meltdown cycle
  • warning signs of agitation;
  • alternatives to manual restraint procedures, including techniques to identify events and environmental factors that may escalate conduct that poses an imminent risk of physical harm to self or others;
  • de-escalation methods, positive support strategies, and how to avoid power struggles;
  • the physiological and psychological impact on the person and the staff when restrictive procedures are used;
  • the communicative intent of behaviors;
  • relationship building;
  • restoring emotional control and dignity after the meltdown;

This training is a more comprehensive class on developing prevention and intervention strategies for people with cognitive disabilities and behavior challenges.   In addition to exploring the subjects that are discussed in the 2 hour AIT class more in-depth, the instructor will discuss:

  • the functions of challenging behaviors;
  • the skill deficits that people commonly have;
  • establishing a behavior friendly environment;
  • self-care for the caregiver
About the Instructor:

Jason Hoffrogge, is the training director for Orion Associates, a human resources agency for companies working with people who have disabilities. Jason has over 20 years of experience in working with people who have disabilities in residential, vocational, and crisis settings. Jason has also been a part-time firefighter and first responder for the past 14 years.

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