Self-Direction Roles and Responsibilities

This video overviews how self-direction works. These are timestamps for each covered topic: 1:00 Self-Direction Roles 3:20 Self-Direction Responsibilities 5:25 Purpose of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) 7:10 Resources for more support

Employer EVV DCI Mobile App Demo

This video shows you how the mobile app for DCI works. Employers use the mobile app to view only — monitor employee hours, check messages, and see pending entries. To address employee and financial details, use the DCI Web Portal. Here are topic timestamps: :45 Login 1:05 Search and Track Employee Hours 2:50 Check and …

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Employer EVV Training Add a Shift Demo

This video is a demonstration only to help you learn to add an employee shift using DCI. If you want to practice functions using DCI, open the “Add a Shift Interactive Practice” lesson. (Note: this video could take up to two minutes to load.)