Frequently Asked Questions and Issues

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I watched the video, but it does not mark complete.

Sometimes there are issues with what is called caching.  Firstly, make sure that you have watched the video in its entirety on our website.  DO NOT CLICK ON YOUTUBE TO WATCH IT!  If it does not show complete, refresh the page.  You can do this by clicking on the curved arrow just to the left of the web address bar.  You sometimes have to do a quiz immediately after the video in order to show the video complete.  Scroll down below the video and click on the quiz.  If it tells you that you must watch the video first, then refresh the page.  If all fails, contact Jason Hoffrogge at, and he will advance the video.


When I click to start the training, it says that I’m not enrolled.

There are a couple of reasons that you might be seeing this.  One is that you are actually not enrolled.  The other is that you might not be logged in.  Make sure that you are logged in with your login.  If it still says that you are not enrolled, contact Jason Hoffrogge at


When I click to start the training, it says that the course is expired.

There are a few courses that will actually expire after a certain amount of time.  First, make sure that you clicked on the correct course.  If you are certain that you clicked on the course you are supposed to take and you are getting the message, email Jason Hoffrogge at, and he will check your enrollment.


How do I get a certificate?

On the blue sidebar to the left, click on “Certificates”.  That will show a list of all of the certificates that you have earned.  Simply click on the certificate that you want, and you will get a PDF of that certificate.