DHS TrainLink Courses for Anoka Case Managers

For this course, you will watch several courses on the Minnesota DHS website.  Before starting the courses, you will need to get a Unique Key for the website.  This allows the website to identify who you are, and send results to the proper people.

Once you have your TrainLink, feel free to start the list of trainings below.  You will be taken to the State website.  

New lessons will be dropped each week for the first four weeks, so check back to this course.

When requesting a Trainlink Key, please enter this information:

*Only fill in fields with Red astericks

Type of Request: First time user
Agency Name: Meridian Services
Agency Address: GVE or HOP address depending on location of your team
Phone Number: Your Meridian Office Phone Number
Email: Your Meridian Email
County/Reservation: leave blank
Job Title: CASE MGR: Case Manager
Job Start Date: Your hire date
Do you have a Training Coordinator: Yes
Training Coordinator’s Name: Amy Berberich
Training Coordinator’s Email: aberberich@meridiansvs.com

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