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How to Give Presentations

Whether you are doing formal public speaking, presenting at management meetings, leading an IDT meeting, or presenting at staff meetings, all leaders should have the skills to present to others. This training will go through the different skills that are needed to present to others. You can watch all of them or just the subjects …

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Communication and Relationships in the Human Services

You really can’t work in the human services without building relationships, and communication is crucial to building relationships. This course will give you basic ideas to enhance your communication skills and ability to maintain relationships with your coworkers, your supervisors, the people you supervise, and the people you provide services to. This training explores how …

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Equity and Inclusion Seminar

This is the two-part seminar that was presented to Orion and Meridian staff on 12/14/21 and 12/16/21. This is not for sale, and is available only to Meridian, Zenith, and Orion employees. If you already viewed one of the parts live, you do not have to watch it again.

Employee Engagement

 Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.  It is the job of their supervisor to inspire and motivate them to increase the engagement.  This training will offer some ideas on how to do that.

Simon Sinek– Start with Why

Those who lead inspire us. We follow those who lead because we want to and for selfish reasons. Those who start with “why” that have the ability to inspire those around them or find others who inspire them. In this training, Simon Sinek details the main concepts of his book, Start with Why.

Preventing Maltreatment for Managers

As part of our development series, this webinar training is a supplement to our maltreatment training that is directly geared toward supervisors. This training will go discuss the factors that put people at risk for maltreatment. It will also discuss the role that supervisors have in enforcing policies, writing plans, and training staff; so that …

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Hospice and End of Life

Lorna Hoffrogge and Krista Easter join us to talk about hospice services and what caregivers can expect during the end-of-life of the people that they give services to. They will explain the services that are provided through hospice, the myths of hospice services, pain management, and the common stages of the end-of-life.

Putting Normalization into Action

Normalization is a concept that was developed by Bengt Nirje and Wolf Wolfensberger that changed the way that providers see the people that they work with.   The desire of Normalization is to help people with developmental disabilities have the opportunities in life that anyone else would expect to have.  This training will: Review the eight …

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Creating an Equitable and Safe Working Environment

This is a training that is designed for supervisors to recognize and respond to harassment in the workplace.  It also goes over how leaders can create a culture in their workplace that is tolerant of all people and does not discriminate against any groups.  The training is about 50 minutes long.

Healthy Meal Planning

In this training, registered dietician, Kim Fox will provide instruction on healthy meal planning.  The objectives include: Reasons why good nutrition is needed, Steps for planning healthy meals, Tips to improve your food budget

Reducing Power Struggles

One of the common barriers to a good therapeutic relationship with people who have disabilities is getting into power struggles.  In this training, you will learn about the common mindsets that staff have, which lead to power struggles.  You will learn more about the point of view of the person who is getting services.  We …

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Mental Health Topic: Borderline Personality Disorder

This training is designed to give you a better understanding of the traits of Borderline Personality Disorder.  Remember, each person is different, so make sure that you consult the plan of the person that your working with.

Positive Supports Training

Sign Language Basics

One of the most important things that you can do to provide the best services for the people you are working with is to learn how to communicate with them in the way that they are comfortable.  This course is designed to help you learn basic signs.  This course will cover: The alphabet Basic signs …

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Meridian Autism Training

The purpose of this online training is to familiarize staff with the different facets of Autism.  This course is designed for staff who have very little experience in working with people with Autism, and shows different things that you might encounter in working with those who have Autism.  This is certainly not an all-encompassing training …

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