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Therap MAR Training

This training will guide you through to utilize the new Medication Administration Records on Therap.  It is very important that you complete this training before administering medications through Therap.  This is due February 22nd. New Policy Change! In addition to starting the use of Therap for checking and documenting medications on March 1st, a new …

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Function Specific Training

This is a companion training to the Positive Supports Core Training for supervisors who are responsible for developing positive support strategies. This is a four-hour training that includes:  functional behavior assessments; how to apply person-centered planning; how to design and use data systems to measure effectiveness of care; and supervision, including how to train, coach, …

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Preventing Maltreatment for Managers

As part of our development series, this webinar training is a supplement to our maltreatment training that is directly geared toward supervisors. This training will go discuss the factors that put people at risk for maltreatment. It will also discuss the role that supervisors have in enforcing policies, writing plans, and training staff; so that …

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Putting Normalization into Action

Normalization is a concept that was developed by Bengt Nirje and Wolf Wolfensberger that changed the way that providers see the people that they work with.   The desire of Normalization is to help people with developmental disabilities have the opportunities in life that anyone else would expect to have.  This training will: Review the eight …

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Healthy Meal Planning

In this training, registered dietician, Kim Fox will provide instruction on healthy meal planning.  The objectives include: Reasons why good nutrition is needed, Steps for planning healthy meals, Tips to improve your food budget